Paul Pavka

Technical Advisor

Paul earned a BS in Materials Science and Engineering from The Ohio State University before earning an MS in Polymer Science from The University of Akron, having completed a thesis on static and dynamic properties of thermoplastic elastomers.  While in school, Paul completed a graduate internship with The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company studying effects of compounding ingredients on network structures.  Prior to joining ARDL, Paul worked for Franklin International, where he consulted with customers on product applications and managed projects to characterize company products and evaluate differences with competitive materials.  Paul joined ARDL in 2017 as a Compound Development Chemist and became a Technical Advisor after a year with the organization.  He enjoys working with ARDL’s Technical Advisor Group, consulting, developing compounds, and helping teach courses on rubber technology.  Paul has previously taught a college Material(s) Science course as well as a collaborative industrial/collegiate chemistry course.

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